A wedding videographer writing a blog about a wedding video? Groundbreaking! Listen, I *know* I’m biased, but there is a reason I love making wedding films, and I love sharing my passion with people about wedding videography. For couples planning a wedding, it seems like you’re constantly being told what to prioritize for your big day. I’m going to leave that soapbox for another day, but one thing that’s important to consider is “what do I get to take with me after my day is over?”

There are a MILLION different resources out there to help you plan your wedding, and I am definitely NOT qualified to do that. But if you love having beautiful memories to look back on, a wedding video is one of the few precious memories you can use to relive your big day.

I’ve listed a few reasons below about *why* a wedding video is one of the best things you’ll make in your wedding planning journey, as well as some tips and tricks on how to find a videographer that’s right for you!

1. It’s more than beautiful imagery.

Listen, I get it. I am a SUCKER for good photography, especially wedding photography. I probably follow more wedding photographers on Instagram than filmmakers, and there is *so* much beauty in beautiful images.

But you know what those photos can’t do? Move in real time. Yes, we now have the gift of these awesome GIFs and I’m a SUCKER for those. But imagine seeing moments played back in real time. It lets you relive that moment exactly how it was, and brings you right back to how incredible you felt.

Video connects people, and is now the most engaged content on the internet– just look at how popular TikTok is! It even has Instagram shaking in its boots. A wedding video allows you to relive moments in real-time, and experience those subtle nuances of human beings that photo just doesn’t capture.

2. It can be heard.

I may not have you convinced yet– that’s fine! But let’s have a quick chat about audio. How many times has a song made you cry? Or what about that precious voicemail you have saved from a loved one that maybe is no longer here?

I studied sound design in college, and worked in audio for my first two years out of college. If there’s anything I can stress the most about a good wedding video, it’s good audio. I’ve been moved to tears by my couples from listening to their notes to each other, their personal vows spoken during the ceremony, or a beautiful toast given during the reception. Hearing the voices of the people you love is a PRICELESS gift, and there are definitely people in my life whose voices I wish I could hear again.

If you don’t take anything else away from this, just consider how beautiful it would be to be able to show your kids one day what your friends and family said about you, or how your dad shared a moment with you during a first look while holding back tears. *THAT* is why I do this– because capturing those moments and being able to give them to people to cherish forever is f*cking awesome.

Check out this film that starts out with an AWESOME audio bite from the father of the bride!

3. It’s all in the details.

It’s safe to say that I’ve experienced more than a few weddings, and I know how WILD they can be. From getting ready to photos to seeing your loved ones–it’s a LOT! And you typically won’t be able to take in all of the beautiful details you spent a year (or more!) perfecting.

Think about how beautiful and dynamic your details will look on video. Popping a bottle of champagne with your bridesmaids. The gorgeous florals at the altar blowing gently in the breeze. Or how the candles at the reception danced off the china and glassware that your parents insisted on and that your planner picked out JUST for you. Or how you were effortlessly beaming during your first dance or at your sparkler send off! THE LIST GOES ON AND ON Y’ALL!

These are the things I LOVE to capture, and piecing them together and a way that is authentic and unique to your story ends up being YOU starring in your own short film. All of the details that went into your wedding day deserve to be remembered, because there was a reason you picked those details out!

4. It’s all about YOU!

This is your silver screen moment (cue any angsty teen song from the early 2000’s). Seriously though, your story is so beautiful and unique, and what a better what to celebrate your journey with your partner than your own moment in the spotlight?

And what a better way to be seen than as your best, most authentic self. Having your moment in the sun where you can say “this is me, this was my day, and it was 100% us” is the BEST feeling. Being able to show your love to the world and be unapologetic about that is SO rare these days, and having that captured on film to relive is such a beautiful thing.

5. It’s an heirloom for your family.

Maybe it’s my enneagram type 2 showing, but I LOVE giving gifts. Giving to others is my love language, and if you’re like me you know how this feels.

Having a wedding film to share with family and friends is a way to show those people how special they are to you. You get an incredible piece of art with your love story front and center, and all of these people supporting that love.

And to take it one step further, you get an heirloom! This film becomes a testament to your family, your journey, and where that started. There is so much beauty in that, and being able to pass something through generations of your family is so special.

When you have all of these moments captured on video, you can’t go wrong. We are so lucky to live in a time where we have incredible amounts of accessibility to technology, and people who can work with that technology to make art.

You get one wedding day, so why not choose to invest in the beauty of a wedding film for you to relive your big day forever?

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March 25, 2024

5 Reasons You’ll Love Your Wedding Video