floral arrangement inside of a greenhouse

Hey you– wedding inspiration is now elopement inspiration! In 2020, we saw the rise of the adventure elopement. Couples were saying “I do” in an intimate ceremony surrounded by the most stunning views Mother Nature has to offer. But not every intimate occasion is going to require your hiking boots and a 40 liter backpack.

The pandemic also gave way to smaller occasions that couples were taking advantage of, and it’s safe to say this celebrations are here to stay. Some will call it a micro-wedding, others a “mini-mony”, but whatever you call it, you don’t have to sacrifice a gorgeous design.

Hoping to infuse the micro-wedding trend with our own unique ideas, we were feeling inspired by what this shoot had to offer.

The Inspiration

This elopement inspiration was drawn from the warm color palette of the American Southwest, as well as the earthiness of the location we chose. Tucked away in the quiet downtown of Lubbock, Texas lies a new fine dining experience called The Nicolett. With it’s textured brick exterior and ivy-adorned greenhouse, it was the perfect location for us to accentuate for an intimate elopement shoot, with so many incredible features that were already present in the space.

Photo by Kimberly Correa
glasses with orange slices
Photo by Kimberly Correa
cake on a table with candelsticks
Photo by Kimberly Correa

The Design

We recruited two powerhouse players to help us with the details, and they sure as hell didn’t disappoint! The floral design was executed by Grayce Floral, local to Lubbock. The ladies of Grayce and I go all the way back to 2016, so it was basically a no-brainer to bring their expertise on board. The inspiration married traditional floral design with an overgrown, “stumbled-upon” look that we wanted to accentuate in the greenhouse. We also utilized a stone bust that we named Persephone, and a matching pedestal. With these different pieces, we were allowed to cohesively match our installed pieces with elements that were already part of the space. This allowed for the perfect adornment of the space, blending together all of the elements of this elopement inspiration seamlessly.

Floral arrangement and stone bust
Photo by Kimberly Correa
floral arrangement
Photo by Kimberly Correa

Another key element to the design was the invitation suite. Designed by Adela Chavez of Fort Worth, Texas. Collaborating with her was SUCH a creative and beautiful process that procured gorgeous results. This was my first time working with Adela, and the craftsmanship and intentionality behind her designs were second to none. Each element was masterfully executed, down to the hand-painted ivy on the inside of the envelope. Her artistry is beyond impressive, not to mention she is one of the nicest and most thoughtful pros I’ve gotten to work with!

I also had the pleasure of working with Signature Stag, local to Lubbock, for the fine menswear, and I can safely say that the entire experience of working with their team was exceptional. They gave us our own private fitting where we got handpick all of the pieces for the guys, complete with designer sport coats and pants. We opted for these looks to accent the earthy textures at The Nicolett, and they definitely didn’t disappoint!

two men embracing
two men embracing
two men holding hands

The Shoot

Our shoot day went like any other styled shoot– absolutely CRAZY! The heat was deceptive earlier during the day, but left us absolutely drenched by the end of it all. That’s what we get for shooting inside of a glass structure in May in Texas!

two men putting their heads together

While we were using the guys as our “models” it was important that these two *actually* be in love. As you can see, we didn’t have to work too hard to get the authentic emotion we wanted! Matthew and Dane are honestly the CUTEST together, and it’s so clear that they’re even more in love than when they got married two years ago.

rose-covered gate
two men kissing

We captured a few different vignettes to showcase the space, and couldn’t get enough. The outside had an antique gate, perfectly overgrown with garden roses. The inside of the greenhouse was full of thriving and dried plants, and the combination was honestly a vibe. Our “ceremony” was located inside the green house, framed my the double doors, with the guys nestled in the floral pieces. We really pushed to have them be “part” of the plant and floral life, almost making it feel like an enchanted garden.

two men with their foreheads together
Photo by Kimberly Correa
dried fruit next to a cake
Photo by Kimberly Correa
open doors inside of a greenhouse
Photo by Kimberly Correa

The cake featuring dried, dark fruit paired perfectly with the other elements. The light, simple cake balanced the sensual decorations, and the rubbed bronze candelabras completed the antiqued-yet-fresh look.

cake on a table
Photo by Kimberly Correa
cake closeup
Photo by Kimberly Correa

All in all, our shoot was ethereal, dreamy, and hella hot. Having creative collaborators that were on the same page was crucial to the proper execution of this concept, and having a beautiful space and an amazing, in love couple was magical. This elopement inspiration was one for the books, and will change the way you look at eloping!

Planning + Videography: Alex Adkins Creative
Photography: Kimberly Correa Photography
Floral: Grayce Floral
Calligraphy + Paperie: Adela Chavez
Venue: The Nicolett
Menswear: Signature Stag

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July 15, 2021

Intimate Greenhouse Elopement Inspiration