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Being from the South, there’s a ton of things I often take for granted when it comes to my surroundings. Some people don’t even consider Texas part of the South, and I have to admit it’s at *least* not part of the Deep South. The Deep South is made up of rich heritage and culture, ranging from architecture, cuisine, folklore and more. The Southern Gothic aesthetic was the United States’ take on the traditional gothic architecture spanning across Europe. This was the jumping off point for our “Romance in the Bayou” wedding inspiration shoot. We got to explore design and culture that would transport the guest to an almost-mystical location– fog included.

hazy seating area with vintage sofa
bride and groom dancing on dry ice cloud

“For this wedding inspiration got to explore design + culture that would transport the guest to an almost-mystical location”

The design inspiration was led by two members of The Ostreum team, McLaren Martin and Kristen Robinson! McLaren’s obsession is all things alternative, and she wanted to take an elevated approach on how to infuse that into a bridal editorial piece at The Ostreum. Finishing off with hand-picked furniture and decor, we had a clear direction in which to follow suit.

man playing a saxophone with light beam behind him

The next instrumental piece in this killer unique design was the floral work by Kristen McCurdy. Kristen’s use of rich textures and an earthy, gem-tone color palette complimented the design to enhance the luxurious, antiquated mood.

“…we began to feel like we were entering a wedding speakeasy in New Orleans.”

What’s wedding inspiration without a custom bar and cocktail setup? The team with Professional Partiers graced us with curated, on-point cocktails that enhanced the sultry atmosphere. Paired with Marquise Pro’s saxophone mastery, we began to feel like we were entering a wedding speakeasy in New Orleans.

woman standing by a window
woman holding a cocktail with the glass shadow on her wedding dress

We had the luxury of working with two solo bridal models, each with two looks. We had the pleasure of working with wedding gowns from WED bridal boutique, and hair and makeup by Jessica Toughton. The model’s dresses varied from form fitting lace, to ethereal and flowy tulle, perfectly complimenting and balancing one another. The gowns also provided a variety of silhouettes, which I think is so important when speaking to different body styles and preferences. Jessica also slayed the hair and makeup– it was well-balanced, and included a combination of looks, styles, and texture.

The gowns also provided a variety of silhouettes, which I think is so important

We incorporated a low-fog element that elevated the whole shoot, and really sealed the deal for me. Gaining popularity, the dry ice effect felt so necessary for this design. I’ve seen it used in other instances that feel a little out of place, but here it made perfect sense! Chris Harmon led us in how to make these moments super cinematic, using the fog multiple times throughout the shoot. For anyone looking to surprise and delight their guests, and add a SUPER cool element to their wedding day– you need to check this out.

cocktails and desserts on a table

I’m here to tell you one thing: do it

There are so many cookie cutter wedding designs and professionals, but I am so proud to say that this vendor team was completely the opposite! I love working with creative people who want to push the envelope and try new things. I know that there are couples out there looking to try new things, and when they don’t see those out in the world, they feel discouraged. If that sound like you, I’m here to tell you one thing: do it. Do the weird thing. Hire vendors you love and trust with your crazy, because we love doing things that are out of the box to make your wedding day absolutely one of a kind.

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Does this wedding inspiration feel like you? Get started here!

Vendor Team:

Planning + Venue: The Ostreum

Floral: Kristen McCurdy

Photo:  Wilderlove Co.

Video: Alex Adkins Creative

Bridal Gowns: WED Bridal Boutique

HMUA: Jessica Toughton

Bar: Professional Partiers

Lighting: DJ Rod Baker

Fog FX: Chris Harmon Film

Saxophone: Marquise Pro

Dessert: Kate Weiser Chocolate

Models: Aubrey Kurz + Hattie Langford

Wedding Inspiration

January 5, 2022

Southern Gothic Wedding Inspiration

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